CGMW 2011

Hey Guys,

I will be doing an online Concept Design workshop with the folks over at (CGMW) CG Master Workshops. I will be doing a SciFi Environment Design workshop on Feb 15, 2011. The workshop is only $25 and will be streamed and available all day for 72hrs. I will also be doing a 1hr live QandA for the new workshop as well. Louie del Carmen (Dreamworks), Hong Ly (Naughty Dog) , John Park , Carlo and Anthony will also be doing some new workshops as well as the team of amazing artists from the last series. Their workshops available throughout the month of Feb-March



Simon Scales said...

Hey Darren
Hope your well mate, and had a great christmas!
This looks like fun!!!

Jason Scheier said...

Super cool Darren! Congrats!

Matt said...

Hi Darren,

I see that you're teaching a new class at the CDA-Advanced Vis Com. In the description you emphasize line work. This sounds great to me, and I think I could handle it. If there was photoshop type stuff, maybe not. Could you tell me if this is going to be a strictly analogue class?