Hi Everyone!
I recently had the opportunity to co host a workshop James Paick at Brainstorm School! The workshop demo is now available on gumroad. Check it out :D Thanks!

Darren Quach Gumroad Demo


CDW 2014 Workshops

Hi everyone!

My friends at CDW in Australia have invited me to host a workshop in Melbourne this year. I'll be there along with the awesome James Paick who will also be hosting a workshop. It should be a great time! 

The event will be from May 26th to the 31st. Tickets to the event just went live, you can purchase them at their website:

Hope to see you there!


2014 Update

Hi everyone, here's an update with what's been happening the my corner of the world!

Design Studio Press and Sketchbook Project
I had a chance to hang out with Scott Robertson at Design Studio Press. They carry an amazing selection of art books by industry pros and a variety of art foundation books. Check out their goods here:

We are currently working on a book, you can check out our discussion and see a preview of the book here:


I'm on Instagram!
In addition I'll be posting sketches on my Instagram page. Right now it's the quickest and most streamlined way for me to sketch on paper and share it online.

You can find my Instagram page here:

In 2013 I had the opportunity to work with some of the best developers and artists in the industry. I joined the Adhesive Games team and got to help out on HAWKEN. We wrapped up work recently and the game is finally out of it's Beta phase. I'm amazed at the amount of work that was accomplished with such a small team, especially considering today's game development development costs and team sizes. I'm really honored to have worked alongside concept badasses such as Khang Le and John Park!

The game is on Steam and it will be free to play. If you can please support Hawken and the scrappy team at Adhesive Games :D

Here's a link to the Hawken launch trailer and game website:


A few screenshots of the maps and concepts I worked on:

2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year, looking forward to sharing new developments with you all! 




This past week the art community and the greater science fiction community lost two great artists, Ralph McQuarrie and Moebius. Their works inspired a generation of artists and have heavily influenced visual design, and whose artwork continues to be held as iconic pieces.

My friends at work
Colin Geller and Carlo Arellano have created tribute pieces, here's my small contribution:


Concept Design Academy Spring 2012

Here's the catalog with courses and sign up information!

Hi everyone,

Here's a preview of the spring 2012 quarter at Concept Design Academy. This spring I'll be co-teaching an entertainment projects class with my friend and colleague Andy Chung. In addition, I'm also excited to be back for the Vis Com sketching class- time to break out those pencils! 

I'll post up the school flyer as it becomes available. Registration begins January 6th.

Happy New Year!



Winter 2011 Update

Hi everyone

Below you'll find an assortment of images that are a mix of professional and personal work. There's a lot of stuff that I'd like to properly archive and share some day, however here are some concepts in the meantime. There are some personal sketches that have stayed just that- sketches. I've gotten what I need out of these sketches so it's time to put these into the so called "digital flat file".

Hope you all are having a great holiday, and see you in 2012!


Resistance 3:

Various sketches for the terraformer interiors.

This is an unused design for an upgraded Chimeran attack drone.

An unused gadget design for Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Various sketches:

These were character designs done for a series of commercials in the Netherlands. This page of sketches showing some of the emotions we tried to get with an otherwise inanimate object. I was quite happy with how the commercials turned out and the artists and animators who brought it all to life did a really great job :D



Concept Design Academy Fall 2011!!

Hi everyone!

Registration for the fall quarter for CDA classes has begun! Once again there's a really good lineup of instructors.

This quarter a good friend of mine Andy Chung is teaching the Advanced Vis Com class in my place. I highly recommend this class to anyone with an interest in developing your design sketching, Andy has a really long history in the entertainment industry, and brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the table.

Plus he's a cool dude, if you end up in his class, just ask him to bring in and share all of his "portfolios"....
Go sign up!!



Hi bloggers!

Resistance 3 hits store shelves today after 3 years of hard work. We're really proud of this game, and hope that it's a really fun experience for the players!



Hope to see you online!



Hi bloggers!

It's E3 time again!! Check out our new game, Overstrike! This is the new IP we've been working on, I'm really excited about it's announcement!


And here are some screens from the trailer:


CDA Summer 2011 Enrollment

Hi bloggers!

My summer sketching class is starting in a few weeks over at CDA. There are a few spots, it's gonna be a fun class. Going to get a lot of sketching done this summer, hope to see you there.

Happy concepting!