Concept Design Academy Spring 2010

Happy new year!

I'll be teaming up with Carlo Arellano to teach a science fiction/ fantasy class this upcoming quarter at CDA. It should be fun.

Check out the catalog too, there are alot of other great class offerings as well; so much to do!

Here's a link to the site. See you there!


andrew domo said...

God how I wish I was back in Pasadena. All these courses sound so good. Namely yours and Carlo's...(sigh)

Wayne Porter said...

Think I am gonna jump into your class this term. Pretty excited about it.

Project NMG said...

Is there ANY chance the academy offers online courses? I emailed the school, but have yet to hear back.

Anonymous said...

See ya in class, darren! =p

Unknown said...

I posted the exact same thing:).

Do you mind if I drop by for a quick hello?

Happy New Year D!

Peggy said...

Hey Darren, I've always enjoyed looking through your blog- hope to join one of your classes if you are still teaching in the future!

Danka said...

Wow... a school like this in Italy, is my dream! great!

Mark Taihei said...

Hey Darren!
I'm just doing school like usual along with personal projects.
How are you? I wanted to take your class with Carlo, but im low on cash, haha.
anyways, hope you are doing well. i will look forward to your posts.

Jparked said...

Darren!!!! things are great man. just back at ACCD, trying to learn from all the talented students around me.

How are things with you D-man?

sanjeet said...

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