Concept Design Academy Fall 2011!!

Hi everyone!

Registration for the fall quarter for CDA classes has begun! Once again there's a really good lineup of instructors.

This quarter a good friend of mine Andy Chung is teaching the Advanced Vis Com class in my place. I highly recommend this class to anyone with an interest in developing your design sketching, Andy has a really long history in the entertainment industry, and brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the table.

Plus he's a cool dude, if you end up in his class, just ask him to bring in and share all of his "portfolios"....
Go sign up!!


Janice Chu said...

These classes seem so cool! I would like to take your class or Andy's I just live so far ( Canada far lol).

Jparked said...


yo! I totally forgot to call you!!! I'll give you a call this semester for sure.

I teach on fridays from 7-10. gotta get our mechs on brotha!

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