CDA Spring 2011 Enrollment

Hi folks!

2011 is shaping up to be a pretty busy year so far. I'll be teaching again at CDA, and as always this instructor line up is looking really strong. There are some really interesting workshops that are worth checking out as well! Hope to see you there.


Happy concepting!


Unknown said...

omg why i'm living in belgium!
It's my dream to have this kind of courses!

Thanks for the blog.

Concept Design Academy said...

Hey Darren, Thanks for the post~!!

It's great to have you back and can't wait for your class to start :)

david benzal said...

Amazing drawings!!!

Carolyn said...

Beautiful drawing, I really like the pose and composition and of course the rendering is fantastic.
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Mauricio Abril said...

Hey Darren! Thanks for the advice and comments about my work today. It is much appreciated. Hope to run into each other online and in the future!

Dilanka Samaratunga said...

It was a pleasure meeting you Derren! And thanks for the input.

Really nice work you have here!

Jparked said...

Go DarrenN!!!!! amazing demos man!!